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Our recipe

We get it. You have limited budget, limited time, and limited resources. But it’s scarcity that drives you to work harder, live scrappier, and create smarter. The Baked & Branded team is formed from the same core ingredients as you. We’ve just refined a method, proven over time and from experience working together, to measure and mold these same ingredients into fully-baked products.

MVP – it’s like a tasting.

Here, we’ll create a minimum viable product (MVP), which is a proof-of-concept testing phase where we build the most basic form of the product to immediately test in the market, gain feedback, and iterate. An MVP is your quickest route to market at the lowest cost and the lowest risk.

Beta – it’s a half-baked product.

The Beta is a dinner-sized portion of the MVP, with enough product features, design, and branding to sink your teeth in to. It includes everything we learned through the MVP iterative loops, and is poised to help you launch your business model.

Plating – a fully-baked product.

It’s time to grow and garnish – to reach more users and fine-tune (or pivot) your business model. This phase emphasizes user experience (UX) and a heaping side of more features, but will also revisit architecture to make sure your back-end can scale. Served best with a la carte marketing, sales, & ops to achieve your business objectives.

What you need to get cookin’:


solution-icon-positioning-bwDesign & Branding

Artistic design should respect the overall purpose & brand strategy

Brand Strategy & Direction
Logo Design
Brand Imagery


Intelligent code keeps the oven hot, and the treats uniform & tasty

Development for web & apps
SaaS platforms


Startup Know-How

Forged from the startup world, we know what it takes to bring software products to market.

App & Website interface
User Experience (UX)
Think like a founder, think like a customer.


Project Management

A repeatable process and recipe are the backbone to a successful dish.

Lean Startup and Agile
Quality Assurance
Back-end reporting and analytics

Baked goods

Your bakers

Forged from the startup world ourselves, Baked & Branded understands how to measure your ingredients to create a recipe that brings your product to market.

Through our proven recipe (us) and unique set of ingredients (you), we’ll serve up some freshly baked brilliance together. You won’t leave hungry.

Jay Feitlinger
Jay Feitlinger, CEO
Eric Sullivan
Eric Sullivan, COO & President
Jason McDonald
Jason McDonald, Director of International Client Services

Kelly Rix
Kelly Rix, Director of U.S Client Services
Michelle Giannino
Michelle Giannino, Account Manager

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